Monday, 15 December 2014

Why I’m exhausted and stir crazy but I’ve never been happier.

So it’s been ten months since I worked my last day in the job that took my twenties, some of my thirties and the lion’s share of my soul.
Oh Lisa, don’t be so dramatic! Well it’s true, spending the majority of your adult life working as a block on a timesheet, a voice repeating the same phrases day after day and an abuse taker for the general public, well, it gets a gal a little dead inside you know!
Hey, it’s all my own fault though and this isn't a big rant about my previous employer. I made the wrong choices, went with what was in front of me at the time and it didn't even occur to me that there may be more opportunities than those traditionally drilled into the kids of my generation.
I know you may be raising a few ‘hey I know that feeling’ bells when reading this post. Well, what are you waiting for?
Ten months ago I wasn't sure if I would have to move back home, I wasn't sure that anyone would be interested in my designs or ideas, I wasn't sure that I would know what I was doing, I wasn't sure that my boyfriend wouldn't leave me, I wasn't even sure that the sky wouldn't fall and the earth wouldn't shatter just because I no longer had that regular exact wage each month.
wasn't sure but I KNEW 100% that everything would work out ok.
So here we are today, I’m tired yes, but a good tired, the tired you’d feel as a child when you’d spent the whole day at the park; a content and happy exhaustion pulling down on your eyelids.
Contrary to what my boyfriend tells me, I’m not stir crazy, but I do get excited at human interaction as I now spend most of my time with our two cats.
My designs adorn walls, desks, mugs and pillows all around the world and my cards have played a part in celebrations of achievement, Birthdays and even weddings!

Join me next time when I’ll be sharing some important things you should consider before making your jump from the rat race. 

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