Monday, 2 February 2015

It's OK

I adore Monday's. It makes me feel all shiny and new and there's a crispness to it like a fresh page in a super cool notepad.
As usual I woke up this morning excited for the day but as soon as my feet touched the floor I remembered all the things I had told myself that I MUST do today. I turned on the wifi to my phone as I made my way to the kettle (with the cats weaving around me as a went) and I listened to the buzz, beep and notifications all the way to the bathroom.

It hadn't occurred to me when I designed those Valentine's cards, what would happen if people really liked them. I mean like, REALLY liked them. Ok, I'm not selling hundreds or thousands a day like a few of the people I look up to, but flip, I'm getting there.
I've been promoting, printing, packing and posting all day and night for two weeks now. But this isn't really about Valentine's cards and phrases like 'be careful what you wish for'. This is about admitting it's OK to be just a little, or maybe even a lot overwhelmed in your one man (or maybe one woman and two cats) business and addressing it. What's great is that we can learn from it too!!
As with most of my designs, be it mugs, prints, phone cases or cards, it astounds me that other people like what I'm doing and that they will even pay to own it. This is something that I need to seriously work on. This is the reason I ran out of envelopes, cardstock, ink, all of my thank you bonuses and quite honestly, my patience.

Plan for the worst, hope for the best.

So I managed to come through what has been my busiest period feeling tired and disorganised but quite pleased with myself and also more prepared for next year.
My 'plan for the worst' was that nobody would even look at my cards and my best hope was that I'd sell a few. Now I am armed with the knowledge that 'the worst' is being featured on BuzzFeed and people going absolutely nuts for my funny food pun and cheeky quotes cards.

The worst isn't always a negative. Admitting that your business is being noticed, getting your name out there, growing, all that good stuff it's a little cringy and weird right? But if you go with it and bring yourself into line with that then you are much less likely to face the overwhelm by having to climb into your favourite onesy and go straight back to bed after the Post Office run. You'll already have your ducks in a row, you'll have adequate stocks and supplies, you'll still have time for new designs AND you may even have time to do the washing up!!

Hey, just remember though, it IS OK to wear that onesy whenever you like.

Here's a little printable I made just for you. This will ensure that whatever you've got going on, you know you'll survive. Click here then right click, save and print.
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