Monday, 16 March 2015

Happy Cat Mother's Day

If you're like me and you're not yet blessed with the pitter patter of (human) tiny feet then your cats are even more important to you than ever!
'Real' Mother's day can be a bit of a strain, all those photo's on Facebook of your old school friends, work colleagues and other random people with their bundles of joy. They just scream oh look at me and how great I am. You're genuinely happy for these Mothers and the babies are oh SO cute but there's still that teeny voice saying........ bitch!!
You don't really mean it of course, another thing we can blame on our hormones. But yeah, Mother's Day can be really hard. You're not a real woman until you've carried child, in fact, you're still a child yourself (even though you're dangerously into your thirties) you put on your 'oh, congratulations' face when yet another pregnancy is announced in your social circle. You distance yourself from any and all situations where that dreaded question may arise and, well, you know the story.

Let's not dwell on all this destructive cat tod, instead let's celebrate our little fur babies and how much love and joy they bring us. The phrase fur babies has gladly become an acceptable term in our little modern society. It's ok now to be a crazy cat lady, how cool is that? So let's give ourself a break and enjoy these little love bugs for what they are.
They adore us and show their love in so many ways, ever had your hair washed by a cat?

Every day can be Cat Mum Day and that other thing will happen when it happens. Whether you're constrained by circumstance, biology or finance, your cats are here right now and all they want is a full belly, a warm lap and a nice stroke. In return they will make you feel like the best Mum in the world, all day every day.

♥ Happy Cat Mother's Day from one crazy cat lady to another ♥

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