Monday, 27 April 2015

Getting Shit Done

Happy Monday everybody!!

Today I wanted to share a few little bits of stuff and things you can do to ensure you have all the time you need to get your head in the game and get shit done.
I'm also pleased to say that this post is part of the Sage Grayson 'Startup In 60' blog partaaay. You'll be able to find a whole host of topics around time management, productivity and how to be happy while you're doing it all too! So show Sage some love and check out all the other bloggers for their tips and gossip (after you've read mine though, promise).

I'll keep this short and sweet as I know you're busy and dying to get going!! ☺

• If you're selling a product, pack your orders at night. There's nothing more satisfying than getting up in the morning knowing all you need to do is simply add in the overnight sales and you're good to go.

• Take at least  15-20 minutes to enjoy waking up in the morning. Try and get up early, sit outside (or next to an open window, if that's not possible) and listen to the birds calling out their breakfast orders while you rejoice in your morning coffee. Let yourself be open to the new day. It may surprise you just what a refreshed and energised mind can throw up at this time of day when placed in the right surroundings.

• Get dressed!! I spent a good few months in my pj's until I got to the point in my business (thank God) where I had to go to the Post Office daily. At first I thought it was great to spend the day in my pajamas's but after a while of this, you tend to feel a bit guilty; you let things slip and let's be honest, slob is as slob does.
Once I started getting dressed for the day again, I felt more productive, heck, I even started brushing my hair properly again.

• Tidy up like the Queen is coming round in 20 minutes.
If you work from home then you have loads of free time to get on top of the washing up, laundry, dusting and other household tasks right? Wrong! This couldn't be further from the truth. I found it far easier to keep my pad clean and tidy when I had a full time job working for someone else. When you get in from your day job you really do notice things more and it's easy to just put the dishes away quickly and have a quick tidy round before you sit down to relax for the evening.
However, if you're at home all day and you're thinking to yourself 'after this I'll do it' then that sense of simplicity and ease just turns into a boring time suck. You don't get a reward afterwards like you would before; you complete a task to do another task. What kind of motivation is THAT?!
Soooo, I like to have a random burst of 20 minutes at least once a day. I give myself something to look forward to after (something that I have planned anyway) like making a coffee, playing with the cats, something simple but nice ☺Then I'll set my timer for 20 minutes (Google does a countdown timer if you haven't got this function on your phone) and tidy like there's a super VIP on their way.
Once you've done one set of this you'll not only be tidy but you'll feel much better and most importantly, more productive. Tidy house = tidy mind. I think you may surprise yourself at just how much you can accomplish in those 20 minutes. If you get a chance for another one later in the day you can then concentrate on a single area.

Here's what I managed on my overflowing shipping/stock desk.

Now, while I admit the finished table still looks a tad cramped and it's not one of those fancy shipping stations I drool over on Instagram. I can now see exactly what I've got, exactly what I need and I know exactly where to find it!!
I'd love to see what tasks you get done in 20 minutes so let us have a butchers using hashtag #TheQueenIsOnHerWayIn20 over on Instagram

• My last tip for today (may contain offensive content or TMI) is mini multitasking. Now, there's a lot of theories on multitasking, one minute it's the new black (or orange, or marsala, whatever) and the next it's the most destructive action known to man. I think it's down to the individual.
In my mind, multitasking is really just filling in the waiting time, like while your waiting for the kettle to boil, sat in the car waiting for someone to come out of work etc. NOT applying makeup whilst driving, working on three blog posts at a time or painting and playing Xbox; that's just stupid.

I sometimes imagine the inside of my brain as being like two big wheels, one wheel is processing what's going on around me and filtering in all the stuff I need to know, adjusting my body for heat, fuel and telling me when I need the toilet!! The other wheel is the 'me' wheel that needs to keep turning all.the.time in other words I can't sit still, so that's why mini tasking is a perfect fit for me when I'm in static mode; watching TV? why not rejig a few Etsy listings. Running a bath? why not tidy the bathroom shelf. Boiling the kettle? why not just dry those dishes. Sat on the toilet? get them emails smashed out (nobody will EVER know).
If you're mini multitasking in between your 20 minute blasts then not only will your home be clean and organised but eventually you won't even notice you're doing it and yes, my dear, you will be getting shit done like a pro!!

What's your strategy for getting energised and getting shit done? Share with us in the comments below.

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  1. Great advice, Lisa! I highly recommend getting dressed in the morning too. It makes a world of difference. Thanks for joining the Blog Party. :)

    1. No Problem Sage and thanks ♥ I've really enjoyed reading all the great advice ☺

  2. I love your tip about taking time to wake up in the morning. It really does set the pace for your day.

    1. Yeah, it's the best tweak I ever made to my day. It's hard at first but now I look forward to it!!

  3. Excellent tips! Right on about the selective multi-tasking. I need to take the tip about getting dressed and brushing my hair ;)

    1. Haha I know, I'm a real lazyass with my hair so that's a big thing for me!!