Monday, 22 June 2015

A gift idea for the hard to buy for...

We all have that person who is hard to buy for. I include myself in that, when it comes to Christmas or Birthday's I usually get a few messages asking what I want. And if you ask me what I want, I'm going to tell you what I need.
My most recent gifts have included a new kettle, a clothes horse, a set of new towels, a mouse (computer, not real life) and a memory card. I LOVE getting all the nice smellies as gifts but I adore getting stuff I NEED too.
So it was my Dad's 80th Birthday recently and he is another 'hard to buy for' but, unlike me, he doesn't really need or want anything so the standard 'oh, don't bother' or 'oh, I'm easy' is heard when you ask him what he would like.
A couple of months before the big day my sister was asking what I thought we could get him, long story short, she ended up finding a photograph that somebody had made online of a family holding up letters that spelled out happy birthday. We were both sold and naturally I jumped at the chance of making it.
Now, I'm not going to go into the ins and outs of making this badboy, how it it crashed my computer multiple times, how I lost the file twice, how I cried when it came back from the printer with a big smudge, the arguments I had while trying to take mine and my boyfriend's picture etc. if you REALLY want I can maybe do a post about it one day.
What I will say is the reaction from my Dad when he opened his gift was priceless, I was honestly expecting a 'that's nice' but I think the joint effort of everyone really got him. My 2 year old nephew carried it around the room showing it to each and every person showing them where they were on the picture and where he was. Even my Mum was impressed and yes, I cried a bit as it was a tad overwhelming to see a room full of people falling in love with this picture!!

So if you have a person you're always struggling to buy for and you have a little time to prepare then I would 100% recommend trying your hand at creating one of these. It will last forever and who knows, it may just end up being a family heirloom.

I'd love to know what ideas you've come up with for the 'HTBF' in your life so why not let us know in the comments.

PS. Happy Birthday Dad ♥

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