Sunday, 23 August 2015

Bad Girl Boss

You may have noticed recently (if you've been looking) that I have been pretty quiet on my social media channels and even my shop hasn't had much new work added.
I have been backwards and forwards with how to approach what I've been 'going through' (I hate using that term, but it seems to suit here).  So I thought I'd just share it on here, the bare bones and all the skeletons!

I'm a terrible boss.

There, I've said it!
There's a whole big thing at the moment about being a Girl Boss, being an independent woman (another phrase that needs a slap in the face) and just generally smashing it. Now, this is all fantastic and a big high five to all my fellow workin' gals (& guys). BUT, whilst I consider myself quite creative, resourceful, motivated and focused I'm also lazy, a procrastinator, paranoid and on the whole, my own worst enemy.
My business has grown massively over the last 18 months and I am extremely proud (and protective) of that, yet over the last two months or so I seem to have lost my mojo. A creative slump? Actually, YES!

How did this happen?

Well, I've worked out that I handle time the same way I handle cash. If I have £5 in my purse I'll find something to spend it on, that's the same for £10, £20, £50 and so on. Whatever is there I will spend/waste, this is the reason I hardly ever carry cash.
The same principle stands with time, more specifically big chunks of it. I noticed that when I have something to do in a certain week then I'll usually leave it until the Friday or even push back further to the weekend. Same thing with a day, I'll dick around 'researching' (Instagram/Etsy/Facebook) until almost night time before I make a start.
You might remember my Getting Shit Done post a little while back and I talked about having random bursts of 20 minute sessions throughout the day. Well, those twenty minutes are the most productive of my typical day and I'm a gajillion times more 'on it' within these times.

So yeah, after a LOT of thinking I came to the decision that in order to get back into my flow (yeah, I said flow) I need to wipe out a chunk of time from my day. It feels really strange to wish there were less hours in the day and I'm hoping there are others that can relate to that.
What's the easiest way to kill time in the day? Sleep, yes, but that's not what I've gone for. I took the decision to go back to work, being employed by someone else, OMG!!
I was pretty lucky, I was called in for an interview on the Thursday, offered the position on Friday and then started the following Monday.
It's been a week and whilst I'll admit I'm a little tired from being on my feet all day and using my brain in a totally different way, the work I have put into Prints Of Heart has been extremely focused and planned out. The biggest thing, and I'm actually pretty excited about this, is that I am pretty much set for Christmas already. This is something that caught me by surprise last year yet I'd had all that time to prepare.

Now, I'm not saying this is going to be a long term fix (and if my new boss is reading this, I'm not planning on quitting after a month!) but some people are designed to work better under more pressure. Me being at home all day with constant internet access, movies, TV, the cats, my Xbox and whatever other distractions I have just don't add up to a productive outcome.

I'd love to know if you've made the same choice as me. Share your story in the comments and oh, please wish me luck!