Monday, 22 February 2016

Day 13, Forty Days Of Patience (and other good stuff)

In another life I am a special fx makeup artist, I am particularly proficient in scars, open wounds and bruising and I spend most of my time working on location in America. It's too hot for my constitution out there however so I try and get in the workshop as much as poss. Me and my workmates spend a lot of time building models and prosthetics and finding new techniques to get that true gore effect. You've probably seen a fair whack of our creations in the plethora of movies our work has been featured in and yeah, I can guarantee you've shit yourself!
We've won awards, written books, worked on various crime dramas in a consulting capacity and our YouTube Channel has over 15 million subscribers!

In my actual life. I run a small online design business and I'm pretty good at writing witty quips, insightful quotes and taglines. I spend most of my time working at my dayjob, the Pharmacy. It's too monotonous for my creative constitution so I try and get into Photoshop as much as poss.
I spend a lot of time moving words and letters around on a screen and drawing little pictures of zombies and cats.
You might have seen a fair whack of my work across the plethora of websites that have featured my designs and yeah, I can guarantee at least one will make you smile!
I've been accepted onto a major curated website, worked on countless commissioned works and I built my business up from nothing, all by myself.

You know, I've written the obligatory sum up paragraph about three or four times now and it's all sounded like a bunch of cheesy mush. So I'll just leave you with this;

Your 'actual' is someone else's idea of 'another'.

Rating ~ Grateful 

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