Thursday, 25 February 2016

Day 16, Forty Days Of Patience, just be nice.

Super short post tonight as I'm planning on an early night for my FINAL DAY AT THE DAY JOB TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!

Before work this morning I shared a post on here about a new range of cards I'd just listed. They are thank you cards that I'd been inspired to make during the Valentine's rush. They are little cat faces and their message is a simple one; 'you're nice'.
I thought seen as I'd started off the day with a lovey dovey be nice theme I'd try and carry on the day like that.
It was really icy this morning and I was busy scraping off my car with an old debit card (all mod cons here) when one of my neighbours came over and offered me some of her de-icer. It actually blew me away, she was parked two cars away so really, she could have just ignored me but she took the time to come over and help. How simple! Such a small gesture from a stranger (I'd never even seen this woman before) that made my day!

I guess sometimes when you set out on something, it can come back to you too.

Rating ~ Warm & fuzzy

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