Monday, 29 February 2016

Day 20, Say Yes. Forty Days Of Patience (and other good stuff)


So, Facebook told me it was the 29th of February today. Leap year! I spent a good while looking through all the #leapyearproposal on Instagram and it was fantastic.
Plenty of 'he said yes' 'omg, we're getting married' and the like that just melts my heart, yeah I'm a typical Pisces; loyal, creative and unashamedly romantic.

As I was scrolling through I was wondering what was going through these girls' minds as they were asking their beau for their hand in marriage. How important it was to them.
Wouldn't it be great if we only ever asked the important questions, we only ever asked someone something meaningful and productive? I think that came out wrong, I'm not saying don't ever speak unless you have something mindblowingly profound and groundbreaking, just think about the things you're asking and rephrase slightly.
I'm certainly guilty of this, but I'm starting to edit myself before the words fall out. If the full binbag that was next to the front door is still there two days in a row a simple 'shall we take the bins out?' is far less naggy than 'see you've still not taken the bins out'. Right?

So as tradition dictates, I am asking you to say yes today and for the rest of your life, to rethinking the questions you ask and the statements you make and maybe, just maybe, your answers will always be positive.

Rating ~ Heck, yes!

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