Monday, 15 February 2016

Day six, Forty days of patience (and other good stuff).

Hey, guess what! I love zombies and funnily enough, a fair few zombie killers have led me to open my bible.

So tonight saw the return of The Walking Dead, hence my theme for today. You may not realise but TWD is peppered with religious messages and influence, the largest of those was ofcourse Hershel. Now, I couldn't possibly sum up the magnificence of the writing behind Hershel's character in this post so here's a great article with a little more about him. 
These days (spoiler, sorry) we have Father Gabriel, who tries his very best to supply our spiritual nourishment in the face of the Zompoc but from time to time, yes, he has a little wobble.
Tonight however, it looks like his faith has finally been fully restored. With Alexandria bursting at the walls with those pesky zombies, baby Judith in his arms holding a cross, Carl now looking increasingly like the Governor and Rick playing at L50 slayer, he delivers this little gem;

'We've been praying, together, praying that God will save our town. Our prayers have been answered. God will save Alexandria. Because God has given us the courage to save it ourselves.'

Image Via AMC

And that's that. I think Gabriel has given a better explanation of faith than I could ever articulate.

Rating ~ Bullet to the eye mind blown.

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