Sunday, 14 February 2016

Day Four, Forty days of Patience (and other good stuff).

Quick note, I've decided to do this as separate posts so they're easier to find

Day four was a Saturday and started with me almost spilling coffee over my laptop. I was just a few cm's away from ruination! I MUST sort out some proper additional storage, but yeah, disaster averted and I offered up thanks.
We phoned the Vet about little Geoffy and they had an appointment for him that morning.
The internet is great isn't it? But if you have any sort of medical query then sometimes you can go off on a bit of a tangent with all the possible things that can go wrong. I had fixated on kidney failure and I'll be honest, I was preparing myself for the worst but knew that I could cope with whatever was in store if I just rolled with it.

I'm SO thankful for finding such an amazing Veterinary Surgery, in fact, it was my Dad who found it as my sweet old cat from home used to go there.
All the staff are on the ball, friendly, helpful and wow, they know their stuff. They only treat cats so it's a really specialised service.
The diagnosis? Pancreatitis... He had lost more weight, had a temperature, was dehydrated and was generally fed up!
Thank God, all treatable. My brave little man had three injections, blood taken and we even went in a special little room so he could be infused with water (not sure if that's the correct term), after which he looked like the Hulk as the water was sat on his shoulders.

Once we got home, Geoff seemed better straight away and his sister, Una was very happy to have him back to herself.
He didn't really leave my side for the majority of the day and we had a few nice little snoozes together. Here's a sweet little shot of us sat watching Ru Paul's Drag Race (well, I am at least, Geoff's already seen them all).
I almost didn't want to make that visit for fear of what we may be told, yeah, that's a stupid way of dealing with things but I notice that it's my default setting for a lot of situations. I would prefer to sit in my comfort zone and keep things as I know them.
If I'd have given in to that today, well who knows what would have happened. So today's little nugget I guess, is stop being stupid and just have faith that things will fall into place when you go with what's infront of you.

Rating ~ PHEWWW

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