Thursday, 25 February 2016

Tell someone how nice they are.

I've been feeling rather lovey dovey recently. In my business, Valentine's starts just before Christmas and ends a few days after the big day itself. So I'm in luuurve mode for a good month or so! How nice is that! You won't get that in a regular dayjob, although I guess the fact that the supermarkets had Easter eggs along with V-Day cards could count, but I'm pretty sure that kind of thing might do my head in!

So I just wanted to share this new set of cards I made this week. They're so cute and you can use them for pretty much any occasion really, maybe you're saying sorry, thank you, I miss you, or just use them as they are to say 'You're Nice'.

Who doesn't love being told they're nice right? In this day and age it's hard to take a compliment but I'm giving you permission, just take it!

Here we go, made in four super bright colours with little vintage kitty heads (not as graphic as it sounds) tell someone how much they mean to you today, plus they can also be framed to display the niceness forever! ♥

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