Friday, 4 March 2016

Day 24, Today I am thankful for. Forty Days Of Patience (and other good stuff).

Erm, when did we get to past half way? Well, obviously a few days ago but flip, that has gone really quick don't you think?
This blog series hasn't gone quite the way I thought it would, after the first day or so I thought it was going to be a constant barrage of annoying things. Turns out I'd already reached my goal of being more patient, as whilst I've not always written about them, there's been a few bits and bobs that would have ordinarily got me effing and Geoffing, I seem to have sailed through pretty well.

At the half way(ish) stage I'm certainly feeling more prepa..... hang on, lost my engagement ring....... yes, more prepared for what's going on. More relaxed, settled, apart from yesterday's thoughts about a possible major life decision, it's all gravy at the moment.

So what have I been faced with today? Other than a really frustrating wifi connection, a lorry blocking the entrance to the petrol station and a teeny bit of stress about the fact BT have now cancelled the channel The Walking Dead is on, not much.

So what am I thankful for from today? Loads of stuff really. Started off with getting my orders together and ordering in more stock, got to and from the PO alive, managed to create a 25 image quad in Canva without it crashing my whole computer (I'll put in a pic to illustrate), got a lot of love on Instagram, took a crackin' shot of the cats again while they were waiting for their tea, received news that I'm going to be featured in another magazine with a bit about my bingo win last year, had a nice chat with the neighbour opposite, pretty much mastered the art of mug pressing, made four new cat mugs, worked on search terms for my noths store, tweaked a load of listings, nipped into work to pick up my new shoes and coat, tidied the flat, ordered a pizza and pigged out.
Every single thing I have done/was able to do today I am thankful for. Some or all of it might seem a tad boring and mundane but I have thoroughly enjoyed it.

When was the last time you thoroughly enjoyed your day? Why not make it today, Geoff & Una did (Una mostly).

Rating ~ Good times

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