Sunday, 6 March 2016

Day 26, Aren't brains funny? Forty Days Of Patience (and other good stuff).

I had a crazy dream last night, there had been some sort of worldwide disaster and we were all scrambling to stay alive. I was in a safehouse however and I was happy, well fed and looked after. Two of my group and I were running some sort of barter shop when one of them came over to me and said 'I can't believe they swapped this baby for that fridge freezer'. She handed me the baby and it was a sort of hybrid of human and animal (yeah, it gets more odd), and we were both disgusted that anyone could swap a child for a freezer.
Next thing I know I'm in this crisp white bathroom, there was a full bath and I could see something floating, so I went to pick it out and it was the baby, except now it was a cat.

Now, this dream was the most vivid I've had in a long while. It contained two people I had never met before, locations I'd never been in before and both a baby and a cat I had never known.
I can explain the apocalypse-like disaster, I'm still livid about BT dropping Fox and subsequently my Walking Dead fix. The fridge freezer, my sister rang last night to see if I wanted hers as she'd just bought a new one. The cat-baby well, that's obvious, it's Mother's day again today, sure comes round quick. So that's sat on my shoulders but I don't quite know about the bathroom 'scene'.

What the blithering flip are you going on about Lisa! Yeah, there's a reason I am committing the inner workings of my resting mind to the realms of the internet. Our brains are our greatest asset, forget that fat ass, shiny hair, big boobs, whatever it is that's hot right now. You could even forget arms and legs! There are people in this world who have been born without or have lost limbs and they are living full and happy lives, why is that? Because they got their head in the right place. Yeah, I appreciate that's a highly simplified statement, but I want us all to give our brains a big high five.

Last night my brain put together a little show for me while I was asleep, most of it by itself but using some 'notes' I'd left lying about the place. This morning when I woke up my brain reminded me about that show and sparked a surge of emotion relating to it.
For the most part, my waking brain show-reels are forecasts of future events at which I just generally make a fool of myself or get pissed off about something but I'm slowly learning to zone that out. What if I could use the same technique my 'dream brain' uses and plant little seeds of greatness in scenarios yet to occur. Now, I'm not expecting to be working in a post apocalyptic swap shop any time soon, but if I do, I'll know there's a pretty good chance that someone would be so, so desperate that they would swap their own child for a freezer (I'm guessing the electricity is still on).
What if the line of events and tasks I have stacked up on my 'aghhh, I can't do that' pile were just moved over to the 'yeah, that'll be reet' section. I know I can do it, because I did it a wee while back, it's a lot of concentration, but I'm pretty sure I can master it.

I'm not quite sure I can wrap this post up easily, but I read an amazing quote in the Church newsletter this morning so we'll go with that ok?

Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrows; it empties today of its strength.

Rating ~ Clouding over, somewhat later on

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