Monday, 7 March 2016

Day 27, There is a season for everything. Forty Days Of Patience (and other good stuff)

Aghh, I messed up big styleee today guys. Before I'd even got to bed last night I'd already poisoned the day. Just after I published my post yesterday my computer was pretty much hijacked and brutally upgraded to windows 10! I got to bed two hours later than planned filled with hate and rage (crazy, right?).

Then the dayjob. I actually woke up pretty fresh and raring to go, a slight flutter in my stomach but on the whole I was pretty excited to get back to it.
About half an hour in I realised that the next few weeks are going to be either one of two things, a ruddy nightmare or a chance for me to further hone my mad dispensary skillz and possibly keep in mind a few things from our original post.

Now, my boss was worried that I was gonna get too stressed and I said something so unlike me that I had to rerun it in my head a few times afterwards. I said it was all my fault, I knew exactly what I was walking back into after my week off and that yeah, I could have come in last week and saved all the hassle.
This is so mad but I think that is quite possibly the single most selfless thing I've ever said to anybody, ever! lol. I meant it as the words came out, I really did, but if I'd have gone to work last week, I wouldn't be engaged now and there's a whole other mess of things I set in motion that wouldn't have happened either. I am not my dayjob, after-all.
A few hours later I ruined that, I'm my own worst enemy. Whinging on & moaning about stuff that had been missed. Anyway, the thought was there for a moment, and hopefully it will carry on being there and shut the rest down.

So yeah, there is a season for everything and it appears I'm in the 'you got this' season again. But as usual, I have a quote for that!

If God sends us on strong paths, we are provided strong shoes - Corrie ten Boom

All we have to do is remember to put them on I guess!

Rating ~ Loose lips sink ships

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