Saturday, 12 March 2016

Day 31 Simple pleasures. Forty Days Of Patience (and other good stuff)

Aghh, yesterday was great and I spent the evening after work on a bit of a food and Netflix binge. My 'fiance' (still sounds weird) was out with his friends so I had the front room all to myself!!

It's a typically British thing to say isn't it? 'Front room' as really, in the layout of our flat, it's the end room.
Anyway, that's besides the point and actually irrelevant to this post but I thought I'd slip it in, in the hope that you won't notice I don't have any thoughtful content for day 31.

So yeah, I pigged out whilst watching a Louis Theroux marathon and then fell into a food coma. I didn't even switch on my laptop. No shop stuff, no Photoshop and no social media. First time I can remember in a very long time that I've been totally offline. Now, I could tell you how freeing that felt but that would be bullcrap! It was just a simple evening, food and entertainment, I'm very thankful for a bit of a recharge and today I have woken raring to go (small sugar hangover though).

One day this coming week, give yourself a few hours for some good old fashioned food and entertainment in the front room, you'll love it!

Here's a little pic of me enjoying my break at work the other day ☺

sunny day, work break , get outside

Rating ~ Five taken

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