Sunday, 13 March 2016

Day 32 My internet baby. Forty Days Of Patience (and other good stuff)

I woke up this morning, actually, scratch that. I was woken up this morning with a degree of pain that only a cat owner can relate to, but I was ready and set for the day. For the most part I caught up on all my shop stuff by about 11ish and I even got to spend some quality time with my lovely fiance!

So what was it that woke me up? Young Mr Geoff Tipps as usual. I think he must have curled up asleep on my pillow and when I moved he got excited about breakfast time and ran using my face as a jumping off point. The resulting injuries were a bleeding ear and cuts to my hand that even now (22:49) are still stinging.
He's a little tyke, but I can't blame him for hurting me, it wasn't on purpose and I know he's sorry, I mean look at that face!!

So yeah, I put the finishing touches to my website (remember the hours and hours of work from last week?) and hit publish. Good times.
I opened another browser to double check the layout and wow, pretty much everything was off. Turns out I'd set my pixels funny and I had the window the web editor was working in set at zoom so when I looked in a regular window it was just all out of sync.

I pretty much had to start from the beginning on the home page and then move everything else around on most of the other pages, so that was another Saturday spent working on the website, but you know what I'm pretty happy with the end results. The new rejig was much better than the first so it's all worked out in the end!
The top half here is the original website as of first thing this morning. Whilst I loved it at the time, it's not really inline with what I'm going for these days plus the copy makes no sense. The bottom half is what last week I thought looked pretty cool, now I can't believe I was actually going to attach Prints Of Heart to that!
I'm pretty sure soon enough the new, new layout, colours and themes will make me cringe and I'll be doing all this again. That's the addictive side of running your own online business. There is so much scope.
Things are constantly evolving and being tweaked. You never know what is coming next, what big website will feature one of your products, which customer is going to leave feedback that brims you over with happiness or on what random morning will you wake up and decide you hate all the fonts on your blog.

I feel unbelievably lucky and thankful to be able to do this every day. I have been blessed with an inquisitive, resourceful and creative mind and also thankfully, the guts to use it (in the UK we generally get this drilled out of us at school).
I've had the opportunity to grow something that one day I plan to support my family with. A crazy idea a mere two years eight months and one day ago when I sold my first card, but I know for sure it's certainly doable with a tad more time and elbow grease.
Wow, this is all getting a bit mushy now isn't it, I'd better stop. Who knew that you could gush over and fall in love with something you made on the internet?

If anything, I hope today's post has helped you if you're thinking of directing your talents into something a little more rewarding than the day job can provide. Get yourself a side gig and make it grow until it's your main gig!

Rating ~ Done

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