Saturday, 19 March 2016

Day 39 Eggs & Beds. Forty Days Of Patience (and other good stuff)

Ey up, this is the penultimate day! And I only just noticed now as I was doing the day banner :(

I guess I'd better let you know what I've been up to today and how I'm feeling and the like. Well, I'm feeling pretty ruddy good. I got a lot done today and got a lot lined up also which is pretty cool.

Here's a picture of some eggs which I'll be using next week, fingers crossed, in an Easter post.
When I say I'll be using these eggs, I mean the photos. I'm not planning on celebrating my Baptism with week old hard boiled eggs, although I just Googled it now and some people say they keep them for up to two weeks in the fridge! Erghh
I was woken up by Geoff again today. I'm not quite sure if this is a random coincidence or this is now going to be a regular thing. But this morning's excitement left quite a visible mark on my face, right on my nose. It's pretty small, but it's deep, so it's swelled up and it's the kind of cut that has like a white bit round it where the blubber has been pulled to the surface. Hmm

I made the bed today. The bed is one of my markers, if it's made every day consistently then I know I've got my shit together. It's been a bit hit and miss this week but the last two days, yep, good times.
I won't mention the washing up, I think there's been maybe 6 days in a row that I can remember, ever.

Una doesn't have a problem with the bed being messy, she prefers it that way so she can get all snuggly and cosy!

All in all a beautiful day, quality time with my boy, quality time spent beavering away and planning my little plans and I'm very much thankful for the whole darn thing.
This time next week I will be in Church, I'll have been 'done' as I refer to it from time to time. Crazy eh?
In this very moment, I am excited, so let's hope that feeling continues.

Rating ~ Good times

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