Monday, 21 March 2016

Day 40 That's all I have to say about that. Forty Days Of Patience (and other good stuff)

Well here we are, the final day. Palm Sunday in fact. Of course we were late for Church on one of the few times that it's impossible to slip in unnoticed. But we did manage to get good seats and also I got three palm leaves!
That's besides the point anyway.
The last day, it occurred to me this morning that I should probably make this a big singing and dancing 'what have I learned' post and I've been writing in my head all day but nothing stuck so I'm just gonna have to wing it I guess.

It's been hard at times, doing this, and I've also been hard on myself at times too. Changing the habits of a lifetime and trying to alter the way you react to situations takes the will and concentration of every cell in your body. It's funny though, because once you start, your tolerance alters almost immediately.

Well, I've been sat here for an hour now and I'm struggling for a way to tie this all up. Thing is, I'm not sure I should......

Took a break there as it was after midnight!

I gave myself the day to ponder and no, I can't sum up. Any feelings I have are my own after these forty days and I'd like to think that you may take something different from this series so I don't want to sway you!
I have managed to be more patient though! Also forgiving, helpful and marginally more engaged (in all senses of the word). So it's been fantastic.
I've also realised that trying to distinguish between God's plan & the seeds he plants for it, and your own thoughts is pretty hard (impossible). Is it me that has created this passion and desire for something or did God put it there? Am I just sick of the same routine? Am I not handling it right or has God placed me here to show me what I should be doing instead?
At what point do you act? Life is not a train on a railway that goes from point A to point B automatically. We have to stoke our own fires, let off our own steam and bloody well start that train! BUT, if God is love, and love is all those things I talked about on day one then surely aiming for that can make the J WORD much more meaningful, you will enjoy the scenery much more and probably even find different routes.
I'm going a bit metaphorical now so I'll leave it there.

If you've managed the forty days with me, thanks! I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments ☺

Rating ~ Thoroughly enlightened 

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