Sunday, 13 March 2016

My acceptable addiction

I'm addicted to caffeine, big style. I hadn't realised until the few times I haven't been able to get my morning fix and some unfortunate things happened.

The first time my addiction was brought to light was a few years back whilst at my day job at the time. I was in the kitchen which was upstairs in a separate area and as I had rode to work on my bike, my fringe was all over the place so I was heating up the straightening iron to sort out that mess. We had run out of coffee at home but I knew I had a stash of 'Original' at work.

No problem there, heating irons on. Kettle on too, then I managed to somehow lock myself out of the building, straighteners still on, no coffee consumed, keys inside and the pure panic that overcame me wasn't caused by the prospect of burning down the building, but that I hadn't had my caffeine fix.
By now I could feel the sparks firing across my brain and a feeling which is similar to having your head submerged in water.
We got a locksmith out (the lock needed looking at anyway so it wasn't too bad) and I managed to get some version of caffeine from the coffee shop nearby but boy, It was laughable.
See, caffeine withdrawal is to me, quite similar to nicotine withdrawal. They both give a similar sensation in the brain. It feels like you have a big mess of hollow tubes in your brain in which ball bearings are razzing it round at a few hundred miles an hour. Also, at the same time, if you can imagine coming in from the cold and then having warm water poured over your head. Sounds nice? Well, it's not!

Whilst you're in this stage it's best not to move, speak or even think about anything or beware, this will set off the headache. That's just what happened to me this morning. At church today I had to stand at the front for what's known as a Scrutiny (Google it) so I didn't have anything to drink beforehand as I wasn't wanting to be needing a quick piddle while I was there!
It was all going fine and the Mass was quite emotional but as it finished and we left our seats to get out, I suddenly noticed how hot it was, we were pretty much herded out at a slow pace through a small windowless corridor. Then at the end the sun burst through as we got outside.  Yeah, super-headache, ball bearings, rocks & boulders, the lot!
I won't be doing that again, but I'm definitely going to be looking at my caffeine consumption over the next few weeks.
What am I going to do if there's a zombie apocalypse and I can't get a brew whenever I want? Something to think about, right?
I don't drink that much, maybe 4-5 cups a day max but it's worrying that something I love SO much can make me feel SO shite if I don't keep myself topped up.

How many brews do you have a day? Any tips for cutting down?

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