Saturday, 26 March 2016

My Baptism

Well, what can I say, my Baptism was a little odder than all of the scenarios I'd been worried about.

All was going really well until Father John brought me up to the front to show me off to the other Church goers before I delivered my speech. Pete was supposed to come up with me as well but for some reason he stayed sat down.
I started to give the talk about myself, my faith and my own take on Catholicism but Father John was whispering something in my ear, he was asking me where my family was and if I could see them. I couldn't for the life of me remember this speech with all this going on and I was getting more and more tongue tied. Then I noticed my sister, sister in-law and two of my nieces at the back of the Church and pointed them out.
Then Pete was reminded he had to come up too, he stood up, tripped over a bit then jumped up in the air and shouted Wayne Rooney. It was at this point I noticed we weren't even in our normal Church, it was Westminster Abbey and I got quite engrossed in the wood carvings adorning the walls.
Next we were at the font in the Church I knew and loved, I almost died of embarrassment as one of my nieces was washing my Brothers tie in the holy water, not to worry, Father John carried on like a pro and the Baptism was completed, then he went off up a fire escape that had somehow been built since yesterday.
I went and sat down with my Mum who had now appeared and the rest of the group of ladies and I was extremely angry that I had been Baptised with dirty tie water. Then we all fell out and now we're not talking to each other any more!

Well, that's what my dreaming mind played out for me while I was having a little snooze earlier. It's now about two hours to go so fingers crossed it won't be anything like this!

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