Saturday, 19 March 2016

Saturday is my boyfriend

I used to adore Mondays when I was working from home. These days I've had to adjust and now things are all settled in the new flat and I'm back to working a full time day job, I've had to rethink my online working week.

My 'Monday' now starts on a Saturday, I don't get a weekend or a day off as such but Sunday acts as an optional day for me to do whatever I like and not feel guilty about it. For instance, when I get a request or message in the shop I don't always reply as quickly as I do during the week. I've found that the majority of people are still accepting of that and even in this day and age the 'Sunday is the day of rest' mentality still lives and breathes.

So yeah, Saturday is my new boyfriend (I have a fiance now so the position was open) and over the last month or so I've refined and honed a nice little routine for myself. I don't set my alarm so I allow my mind and body to get exactly the amount of sleep it craves (although I gotta say this morning, yet again I was awoken with a cat running across my face). Pete will generally wake up earlier than me so *I'll shout my coffee order to him in the living room or text him if the tv's too loud for him to hear.

*Please note ~ After spending a decade with each other, we have developed a very unique way of communicating in different ways so if you're at the beginning of your relationship I wouldn't recommend that!
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I kind of feel bad saying this but I actually got him to bring in my laptop along with that brew this morning! I'll make it up to him, don't worry. Once I've got my brew (and maybe had a quick tinkle) I've become pretty obsessed with my numbers these days so I'll go through all my stats, analytics and other juicy stuff from across the board and yeah, that makes me pretty happy. Even if they're not as good as I'd hoped I can always get some great pointers.

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Random fact but I've also found that Saturday morning is the optimum time for doing my nails now. It's a great excuse to stay in bed watching your favourite vids on the internet. You can't move right? You've just done your nails!

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I got this notebook recently and it is proving invaluable, it's pretty chunky but I carry it round with me to most places. I'll just write in random ideas that ping in my brain throughout the week and then on a Saturday I'll go through and highlight the ones I want to work on and develop.
Another great place to store your ideas is on your phone's 'notes' app which I do also, and I'll add those to the big book at the end of the week as nothing feels better than having all those ideas in one place.

I love Saturday SO much because it's my little luxury day. I spend the whole working week feeling guilty whilst at my dayjob that I'm not giving my business the love it deserves.
There's a phrase I hear a lot, 'you are not your business' but actually, I think that's wrong; I am my business, if I am feeling especially inspired or creative then I can knock out a load of new work. If I'm sad or upset, I'll just disappear and nothing gets done. If I'm rested and relaxed and spend quality time on the important things then I am able to plan and organise with so much ease. So my little Saturday morning sessions have now become something I look forward to all week.
I know that pretty soon, well, I'm hoping that pretty soon our lives are going to change dramatically and I may not have this opportunity again so I'm indulging myself (my business) with as much gusto as I can musto!

What day is your favourite day and why? Let me know in the comments with your little routines & tips.

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