Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Doing all the things

This week having finished up my 'Forty Days Of Patience' series I decided I would embark on another little experiment. I really enjoyed the forty days as I have been learning quite a bit about myself and have been able to change and tweak a few things that in my opinion, have made me better all round.
If you've read the series then you'll know my initial aim was to become more patient, I won't go into it too deeply but what I found was that yes, whilst I'm a superb forward planner, maybe I'm considering far too many variables and that is why I tend to get SO mad when something doesn't go quite the way I expected.

So I decided to dumb myself down.

There's a few ways in which people dumb down yeah, I'm not by any means going for the traditional blonde bimbo type & I'm not even planning on deploying the most useful yet deceitful bit of management training I never did use (let your staff think you're stupid). 
I'm just not making decisions that are not mine to make. I am no longer putting pressure on myself to know how to do 'all the things', I'm not worrying about stuff that only has like a 2% chance of happening and I'm not stressing about tasks I haven't done yet. This has given me much more time to enjoy the little things and relax more.

Today when I got into work the main computer that powers the network wouldn't switch on. Oh, the computer's broke I thought & I just went and made a brew. Pretty simple, but a few weeks ago I would have been stressing out to the point of headache about this. But you know what, as harsh as it sounds, it wasn't my problem to solve! So I let my manager deal with it when she arrived.
Now, it's a pretty precarious way of thinking for me as yes of course I factored in the computers going down when I was organising my work last week. That's one of the reasons why I batch everything and I work a week in advance. (I won't go into the intricacies of dispensing electronic weekly prescriptions, don't worry)

So now it's just a question of balancing the need for organisation in my own workflow and just letting go of the stuff that's someone else's problem. It's been a pretty calming week so far not having to carry all these scenarios and solutions on my shoulders.
Don't get me wrong, when I say dumbing down, I'm pretty sure that offends a certain type of person. But the way I'm using it, the way I mean it is to give myself the freedom to not have to know about everything, all of the time. Not have to solve and pre-empt everything, all of the time. Or at the very least get myself out of the illusion of that.

So yeah, I'm dumbing down for a little while, why not give it a try yourself? Bimbo look, optional.

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