Monday, 25 April 2016

A day in the life, juggling my dayjob and small biz side gig.

I often wonder how other online bizzers who also work a dayjob handle their time and I'm wondering if you're wondering the same too.
That's a lot of wonder isn't it? So if you want to know, here is a typical day for me.
 up and work it bitch
   Up and work it bitch print

6am Get up, make a brew, have a tinkle etc.
6:15 Open the laptop & switch on the printer, brush hair, do makeup, clean teeth, answer messages
6:30 -7:00 Print out order invoices & purchase postage
7:00ish Start getting dressed
7:10 - 8ish Pick & pack orders
8-8:30 Social media, think about leaving the house, call at Post Office
8:30 Get to the dayjob, make a brew & quick plan the workload
11:00 Break, check social media, answer messages, accept orders
11:07- 2ish Dayjob stuff
2:00 Dinner, work on dayjob stuff, blog posts, social media, messages, renew listings
2-5 Dayjob
5ish Break, messages, social media
5:07-6 Dayjob
6:15 Get home, make a brew, product photography (if needed), put something in the oven, open laptop & switch on printer, feed the cats & see the boy for a bit
7-8ish Print out order invoices & purchase postage, eat my tea
8-10 Pick & pack orders, check stats, messages, new products & seo tweaks, blog posts and website stuff
10 Shower & PJ's, quality time (if the footy's not on) with the boy and catch up with any programmes I can't listen to whilst in the office.
11:30-12ish Bed & last check of social media

So yeah, there you go, I'm sure I could refine it down, but for now I seem to be getting most things done.
I'd love to see your day if you're in the same boat as me so let me know in the comments.

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