Thursday, 14 April 2016

Love is in the air

Wedding season is upon us and although we still haven't got around to setting our date (although I simply MUST be pregnant & barefoot by Christmas) I of course, have one or two of the best wedding presents you could give (if I do say so myself!) over in the shop right now.
 personalised wedding gift

If you're looking for anniversary present ideas, unique wedding gifts or that special Valentine's token to show your affection, then this set of love bird personalised mugs is the perfect choice.

 personalised anniversary giftI originally made a set for myself and my fiance but when a friend asked if I had anything cute she could give to a newlywed couple she knew I made some more and we fell in love all over again!
With matching pink and blue love birds and the happy couple's name and 'established' date, this is the wedding or anniversary gift that can be treasured forever.
Now, I have a thing about mugs. I love them, I make them and I can pretty much guarantee I'll get one or two on Birthdays and at Christmas. My collection is pretty vast now so I've had to be creative in my use of them to stave off my fella's increasing eye rolling each time a new one appears.
My cups and mugs can be found in pretty much all rooms of our flat, they hold my makeup in the bathroom, also his razors and nail clippers & man stuff. I have about six in the office with various pens, brushes and crafty type things and there's a few dotted around for spare change too.
 unique wedding presents

That's the thing about these everyday ceramic coffee mugs that we so often take for granted, to some of us they are far much more than something from which we drink our morning coffee.

So if you have a special gift to give sometime soon, then here is my offering.


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