Saturday, 30 April 2016

National stationery week 2016, why I'm a fan

There's something about a fresh notepad that fills me with happiness. Something about a fancy new pen that sparks the optimist within me. Something about writing a note on actual paper that makes me feel more connected.
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When I found out it was national stationery week this last week it got me a little pensive. What is it that brings out those feelings? It's just a pen, right? just a sheet of paper, just me, writing, doodling, creating.

Here's a snippet from the national stationery week website;

National Stationery Week celebrates the written word and all things stationery. The products which make it all possible, and give pleasure to so many people.

So where do those happy feelings come from?

Well, seeing as I'm in the pensive mood, I've had a jolly good think about it and I think, as with most things, it goes back to childhood.
Remember when the long, long summer holidays were drawing to an end and you had that sinking feeling when you had to face the inevitable, going back to school? Well, we all somehow managed to convince our parents that we simply MUST have a new pen collection, or a new jotter and that sort of made it a tad more exciting.
A new school year always felt like a fresh start, a whole new life even, and stationery seemed to play a big part in that.
I remember when I first discovered smelly pens, (that's what we called them!) and the sweet scent of strawberries and blackcurrant used to linger around our school desks. And remember those erasers shaped like little animals? My little collection here is quite possibly older than you are!

I couldn't communicate without my laptop these days, my whole business is online. I talk to my customers by keyboard, I make new contacts by tapping at those letters and I post my updates by buttons!

But there's far more meaning to stationery than just getting that must have gold polka dot set to make your desk look all fancy.

The thing about using pen and paper is that there are no restrictions. You don't have to worry about fonts, spacing, setting your image at the right pixels; you just go, it's your work in your unique style. Your handwriting is unique to you, those doodles in the margin can never be replicated exactly. That handwritten, heartfelt message you write means the world to someone and once you start writing 'old school styleee' you very often end up with a much more honed and creative message as you have the freedom to write notes, cross stuff out that maybe you'll keep, highlight bits to move etc.

So yeah, stationery, I'm a big fan. Always have and always will, hold you in my heart. Thank you.

PS. Those little flowers at the top are doodles I made on real life paper. I know they look a tad childish but I love them and it was a real pleasure to draw them ♥


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