Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Sleep tight.

Victoria Wood is one of those people that affect you. One of those famous people that seem to be out of the 'famous person bubble'. One of those people who, even though you don't know them personally, hold a little space in your heart.

I first saw Victoria when I was in high school, one of her live shows was on tv and the following day at school me and my pals spent a lot of time running through it. I was hooked. She was the person that made me realise that it was ok for me to do voices and characters and yeah, this was a thing and you didn't have to hide it!

I remember a while back, I sold one of my 'Sugar Tits' prints to a Victoria Wood and I've often wondered if it was her, I doubt it, but I'd like to think that's something she'd get.

I've absorbed everything and anything she has done since that day and as I write this now, I feel like I have lost an old friend. I hope she knew, before she left just how loved she was.

Goodbye Victoria, you will be sadly missed.

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