Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Some cat themed gifts (and a treat for me)

You may have noticed in a few of my product photos and social media posts, that I use a rather dashing little ornamental cat as a prop.
I am sooo in love with it and no, I'm not going to admit that I have a cat ornament collection but I'm sort of thinking about getting some more to add to it.
Naturally, being an Etsy seller, this was the first place I looked and boy did I find!
As I'm in the UK I just filtered for local cat ornaments and now I'm just spoilt for choice.

Here's a few of my favourites so far.

1. Twin wooden cats £38
2. Kitsch retro cat £15
3. Tabby Kitty £8
4. Retro kitsch kitten £2
5. Brass cat £12
6. Hand painted kittens £4
7. Sitting kitty cat £3
8. Kitty cats salt & pepper set £5

I think maybe before I've published this post I'll have probably bought a few off this list so sorry not sorry BUT, go and take a butchers! If you're a cat lady like me then you won't be disappointed.

Enjoy ☺

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