Tuesday, 12 April 2016

The fall

It's been a while.

I just wanted to do a little share about my giant fall from super organised robot to bumbling tearful liability.

Everything is back to normal at work, woohoo. My pal has returned, recovered from her period of sickness and we even have a temporary newbie who is also amazing so my workload has..... hmm, what's the opposite of tripled? Well, put it this way, I have barely done any work since last Thursday.

It's a stark transition from autonomy to full on colleague squad. Even more intense for a queen lone wolfer like myself! So pretty much the minute my tiny little brain realised it wasn't on its own anymore, it just basically went for a Burton.
Today I managed to push a few dispensing errors, lose an injection and get a cytotoxic drug in my eye which resulted in a trip to the Hospital!

I'm a touch worried what the rest of the week holds but thank flip my boss understood what I meant when I said I may need some time off after working alone for so long!

I hate using the word stress so we'll go for 'game'. I've been in game mode for six weeks while we've had a man down and now I don't have to be, I'm not quite sure how to transition into team mode without totally losing my shit!

Any tips for me? I have some time off next week so I'm just gonna hang out here, finish off re-watching Buffy The Vampire Slayer (currently on series 3 & I'm surprised how much of my day to day vocab comes from this!)  and chill with the fambo.

Thanks for listening, I feel much better now ☺

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