Saturday, 14 May 2016

Weekly roundup May 14th 2016

If you've read 'Saturday is my boyfriend' then you'll know I love checking all my stats and tinkering around looking at what's been the most popular. So I thought I'd share a bit more of that with you in a new weekly roundup.
I add all my new stuff to but I change that on a weekly basis so the blog is the perfect place if you want to go back through.

Here are the most popular and most read blog posts from the last week.

A little insight into what happens when your business gets so busy it takes you by surprise.

I adore Monday's. It makes me feel all shiny and new and there's a crispness to it like a fresh page in a super cool notepad.
As usual I woke up this morning excited for the day but as soon as my feet touched the floor I remembered all the things I had told myself that I MUST do today. I turned on the wifi to my phone as I made my way to the kettle......

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What happens when you open your heart and listen.

As I write this now I am sat having a solo picnic, sunbathing next to the duck pond in a hospital grounds park. It's meant as a sort of haven and chill out area, I guess, for both the patients and visitors at the hospital.
There are three benches, I have one, the parking attendant has taken another for a quick break.....

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A reminder that you are a kickass Mum!

If you're like me and you're not yet blessed with the pitter patter of (human) tiny feet then your cats are even more important to you than ever!
'Real' Mother's day can be a bit of a strain, all those photo's on Facebook of your old school friends, work colleagues and other random people with their bundles of joy.....

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What happens behind the curtain at Prints Of Heart.

I often wonder how other online bizzers who also work a dayjob handle their time and I'm wondering if you're wondering the same too.
That's a lot of wonder isn't it? So if you want to know, here is a typical day for me.
6am Get up, make a brew, have a tinkle etc.....

Thanks for reading.

Sunday, 8 May 2016

A Different Path

As I write this now I am sat having a solo picnic, sunbathing next to the duck pond in a hospital grounds park. It's meant as a sort of haven and chill out area, I guess, for both the patients and visitors at the hospital.
There are three benches, I have one, the parking attendant has taken another for a quick break and on the bench between us there is a lady, obviously a patient with what I'm assuming is her husband.
Southport Hospital Pond
So how did I end up here? Well, thankfully, I am not a visitor nor a patient at the hospital. I actually left the house this morning with the intention of purchasing a mop and to go to the Post Office.
So far I've done neither.
My merry little path has lead me here. It's funny how we start off but then end up somewhere totally unplanned. And it never fails to amuse me, the decisions it takes to get us there. Here's how I arrived at my destination.
Packed up orders and printed shipping labels for the prints that had been delivered to the dayjob. Arrived at the dayjob to collect prints and pack up. Set off to purchase the mop. Picked up some of my all time fave snacks (rice thins) and a Diet Coke to wash them down. Got side tracked by canvases and art supplies and forgot to buy the mop.
Realised I'd forgotten after I got out the store but thought sod it, I'm half way to Mum & Dad's I may as well swing by there and get it on the way back.
Started off in my new direction along the super busy roundabout but couldn't cross where I needed to so took the back route through the hospital.

And here I am. No mop, orders still in my bag but with an immense sense of peace (yeah, I said peace) and relaxation.
Turquoise and green shed paint Our priest told us last week at the RCIA meeting that there are many different ways and situations in which you can say a prayer and talk to God; the appreciation of your surroundings, noticing a beautiful flower, showing kindness to a stranger.
By the same token, God can answer our prayers by the environment, objects and people with which we, sometimes unexpectedly, find ourselves.
Today was certainly one of those days for me. I ended up out all day instead of an hour or so like I'd planned. I didn't do any work on Prints Of Heart and gave no more time to worrying about what's going on at the dayjob. Instead I spent some quality time with my family, had an interesting chat with my Dad and had quite a few of my prayers answered with more clarity and drive than I could have ever hoped for. I think it's all about being open, taking the different path, listening to the answers that are shouting out to you.

This photo of my Dad's shed gives me 'all the feels', I can read a lot into this simple image. It could be the photographer buried deep within me analysing my composition, my love for blue and green tones or the symbolism of the pruned tree. Whatever it was, it compelled me to shoot it and this may sound odd but this image, now burned into my mind is, to me, a message from God.

So, next time you're out and about and your gut is telling you to take a different route, follow it and your prayers may well be answered.

PS. I did get my orders posted in the end, but I am still without a mop!

Monday, 2 May 2016

Monday rainy day blues, write away your worries DIY

The blues, the Monday blues, save it for a rainy day, rainy Monday, I hate Mondays.

Monday, rain and blue are a few of my favourite things, but they get a heck of a bad wrap when they're caught hanging around together don't they?
Well, today it looks like I've been chosen to experience their triad of wrath.They say it's the ones you love the most that can hurt you the deepest, but this Monday rained down ferociously and utterly out of the blue for me, so I've come up with something that may well just kick the absolute shit out of it.

At the moment, there's a lot going on and a lot in the pipe line. At home, in the biz and at my dayjob. It's all happening at once and I'm not prepared for it. I thought I was, but the tears, the disconnect and the ashwaganda my boss forced on me tell me otherwise.
Like most people, I have a running list of to do's, a line of worries and a queue of tasks that must be started to set in motion what is basically the rest of my life! lol But I don't know where to start and what to focus on first, so inevitably, I do nothing. Then I beat myself up for a few days, get all emotional because well, what's the point of anything anyway, and then another week has gone by.
It's the Monday of the bank holiday weekend, what have I accomplished? Nothing. (Although I did binge 11 episodes of iZombie).
I got the blues, although I love that colour so we'll call them the yellows. I'm down on myself, ironically, because I'm down on myself and I've been putting all that stuff to the back of my mind again.
I think that's the problem, they're just items on my mind's to do list, I can easily lock those away. So I decided, this morning, to write them all down. Obviously, a normal list format will not suffice here.
I popped out a load of circle shapes from my little cutty thing (sorry, I don't know the name) and colour coded them. The pinks are my big problems and important stuff that I've been ignoring and hoping they'd sort themselves out and the teal are things that need to be done in order to start the big items and general tasks that again, I've let go by the wayside. The gold glittery ones are 'up to me' treats, I can pick another task or treat myself to something as a reward (more iZombie, maybe).

Now I've written out all my worries and folded them up all fancy, I feel a little better already. And look how cute they are! I actually feel the need to get started on them.
We got a cute little tea-light candle holder as a housewarming present so I put them in there but if you're going to try this then I'm sure you'll find something equally cute to house your little stressers. You could even carry some in your pocket.

The weather cleared up by the time I'd finished getting this post together and Geoff was more than happy to have his little sunbathing spot. Just look at that happy face!
Good things are on the horizon ☺

Sunday, 1 May 2016

What to do with cat hair, DIY

My two cats adore getting their hair brushed! I simply have to say 'who wants to go to the hairdressers' and they will come a'runnin. As they're house-cats, I can certainly notice when those spring months are coming and they start to lose their winter coats, it just gets everywhere. So I try and brush them whenever I get the chance.

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