Monday, 2 May 2016

Monday rainy day blues, write away your worries DIY

The blues, the Monday blues, save it for a rainy day, rainy Monday, I hate Mondays.

Monday, rain and blue are a few of my favourite things, but they get a heck of a bad wrap when they're caught hanging around together don't they?
Well, today it looks like I've been chosen to experience their triad of wrath.They say it's the ones you love the most that can hurt you the deepest, but this Monday rained down ferociously and utterly out of the blue for me, so I've come up with something that may well just kick the absolute shit out of it.

At the moment, there's a lot going on and a lot in the pipe line. At home, in the biz and at my dayjob. It's all happening at once and I'm not prepared for it. I thought I was, but the tears, the disconnect and the ashwaganda my boss forced on me tell me otherwise.
Like most people, I have a running list of to do's, a line of worries and a queue of tasks that must be started to set in motion what is basically the rest of my life! lol But I don't know where to start and what to focus on first, so inevitably, I do nothing. Then I beat myself up for a few days, get all emotional because well, what's the point of anything anyway, and then another week has gone by.
It's the Monday of the bank holiday weekend, what have I accomplished? Nothing. (Although I did binge 11 episodes of iZombie).
I got the blues, although I love that colour so we'll call them the yellows. I'm down on myself, ironically, because I'm down on myself and I've been putting all that stuff to the back of my mind again.
I think that's the problem, they're just items on my mind's to do list, I can easily lock those away. So I decided, this morning, to write them all down. Obviously, a normal list format will not suffice here.
I popped out a load of circle shapes from my little cutty thing (sorry, I don't know the name) and colour coded them. The pinks are my big problems and important stuff that I've been ignoring and hoping they'd sort themselves out and the teal are things that need to be done in order to start the big items and general tasks that again, I've let go by the wayside. The gold glittery ones are 'up to me' treats, I can pick another task or treat myself to something as a reward (more iZombie, maybe).

Now I've written out all my worries and folded them up all fancy, I feel a little better already. And look how cute they are! I actually feel the need to get started on them.
We got a cute little tea-light candle holder as a housewarming present so I put them in there but if you're going to try this then I'm sure you'll find something equally cute to house your little stressers. You could even carry some in your pocket.

The weather cleared up by the time I'd finished getting this post together and Geoff was more than happy to have his little sunbathing spot. Just look at that happy face!
Good things are on the horizon ☺

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