Saturday, 14 May 2016

Weekly roundup May 14th 2016

If you've read 'Saturday is my boyfriend' then you'll know I love checking all my stats and tinkering around looking at what's been the most popular. So I thought I'd share a bit more of that with you in a new weekly roundup.
I add all my new stuff to but I change that on a weekly basis so the blog is the perfect place if you want to go back through.

Here are the most popular and most read blog posts from the last week.

A little insight into what happens when your business gets so busy it takes you by surprise.

I adore Monday's. It makes me feel all shiny and new and there's a crispness to it like a fresh page in a super cool notepad.
As usual I woke up this morning excited for the day but as soon as my feet touched the floor I remembered all the things I had told myself that I MUST do today. I turned on the wifi to my phone as I made my way to the kettle......

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What happens when you open your heart and listen.

As I write this now I am sat having a solo picnic, sunbathing next to the duck pond in a hospital grounds park. It's meant as a sort of haven and chill out area, I guess, for both the patients and visitors at the hospital.
There are three benches, I have one, the parking attendant has taken another for a quick break.....

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A reminder that you are a kickass Mum!

If you're like me and you're not yet blessed with the pitter patter of (human) tiny feet then your cats are even more important to you than ever!
'Real' Mother's day can be a bit of a strain, all those photo's on Facebook of your old school friends, work colleagues and other random people with their bundles of joy.....

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What happens behind the curtain at Prints Of Heart.

I often wonder how other online bizzers who also work a dayjob handle their time and I'm wondering if you're wondering the same too.
That's a lot of wonder isn't it? So if you want to know, here is a typical day for me.
6am Get up, make a brew, have a tinkle etc.....

Thanks for reading.

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