Thursday, 2 June 2016

Daylight Is Burning ~ Day 2 #randomloveletter

Well here we are at day two.

I'm not gonna lie I feel a bit under the weather today, been feeling a bit dizzy this last weekend and now I'm just all over the place. Bloody starving as well so I'm not sure what's going on. I'm just looking forward to the weekend and hopefully little Geoffy cat will let me have a good lie in.

I've had quite a productive few days in the shop this week so I woke up (not so bright eyed and bushy tailed) and got on with packing then set off.

Today's wander was quite busy, a lot of people around. I passed an embarrassed dog trying to have a poop and we made full on eye contact and there was even some poor guy being lifted into an ambulance so I hope he's ok now.

I got almost all the way to the dayjob, having decided on the lamp post at the back where the fire exit is. I thought this would be a good place as when I was out on my breaks I'd be able to see if it was still there.
I watched all the people walking to work (not in a weird way) and a few looked but it remained in place for most of the day. This lady even stopped to read it as she was walking her dog, how cool is that!
By about 5ish it had gone, I'd love to know who eventually took it, how it made them feel etc.
daylight is burning

What are you waiting for?

Daylight is burning!

Have a supreme day. #randomloveletter yo!

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