Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Random Love Letter Challenge 2016 ~ Day 1

Totally couldn't sleep last night, not just because of the fact that today is the first of June, which incidentally means a couple of things; it's birthday month in my family so of course I was stressing about whose birthday I would forget, also a little nervous about my first drop this morning and still the ongoing saga of the dayjob & how to plan a wedding.

But hey, I did it!

I actually woke up pretty early, before my alarm in fact, Geoff (the cat) was kindly giving my hair a wash to coax me to life and I got up and ready pretty quickly.
Set off for work and the minute I got outside I realised how different this year's #randomloveletter challenge would be. Last year I was living in a sleepy little village (in the early morning at least) and I pretty much had the run of the place, there were lots of good drop points and some nice scenery. Now however, my daily commute to work (which is a nice leisurely stroll) runs mostly down a main road, a school run and residential streets.
It's half term, so luckily the streets were pretty quiet. I did my post office run and spotted yes, you've guessed it. The trusty bus stop!
Bus stops never let me down. There's a chance my note will be seen at least every half an hour.
So yeah, headed up there, good to go. Note in hand, phone set on camera. Got there and there was a car right opposite with a lady inside, waiting..... Now, she was waiting for me to move and I was waiting for her to move. Turns out, our reasons were pretty similar, embarrassment & not wanting to be spotted.
I sat there for a while, considering just how many cat hairs were attached to my work pants and after what must have only been about a minute (but felt much longer) she gave in, turned off her engine and got out of the car. Full on birds nest hair, pyjamas and that 'just got out of bed to give someone a lift to work, but it's ok as no-one will see me' look.
I felt bad for the girl yeah, we've all done it, right? The whole time I was looking at my phone pretending I hadn't noticed but damn you peripheral vision!
Then quick as a flash, boom. Here we have it, day one is placed.

There's never a right time. 

So just start now.

Have a great day!

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