Saturday, 4 June 2016

What are you waiting for? Day 4 RandomLoveLetter Instagram challenge

It's a happy, happy Saturday here at Prints Of Heart Central. I had somewhat of a lie in, about 9ish we surfaced so that was nice.
Today is my twin niece's 18th Birthday so tonight we're all going out for a meal and a few drinks which will be fun, well, I must admit I'm slightly self conscious after a minor hair dye crisis last night but sod it, brown is the new red, for now at least! :(

So yeah, I took a nice little stroll round the block with my handsome beau and found the perfect lamp post for today's #randomloveletter
random love letter 2016
It's pretty fitting for the day really. I sort of wish I was 18 again, but the only reason would be so I could track down my fiance earlier. That wouldn't really work though as I wouldn't know him then. Hmm. Plus I wish I'd have loved to of had blue hair at some point before I was too old.

Anyway, I hope you have a cracker of a weekend.

Hey missy!
What are you 
waiting for?

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