Tuesday, 7 June 2016

What's the worst that could happen? Day 7 #randomloveletter challenge

This is a question/statement that motivates me. What is the worst that could happen? Really, not much, well, not much by way of resemblance to what your brain can show you anyway.

I can pretty much guarantee that this question is silently and meticulously asked by ourselves, to ourselves more often that we can count. It's the precursor to a spark in our minds that results in the most mundane to the most extraordinary decisions on a day to day level.

In my pharmacy dayjob, I have to be super accurate and yeah, it's a skill I've had to develop and I have my own process for it. I'm pretty pleased to say I maintain accuracy 99.9% of the time (only human, right? lol)

I use the 'what's the worst that could happen' premise every single day. The worst that could happen in my dayjob is that I pick the wrong drug, the Pharmacist misses it too and we end up killing someone. So I always assume I've picked the wrong drugs and work backwards from there, happily proving myself wrong and thankfully, not killing anyone!

Unfortunately, this mindset does not always apply throughout the rest of my life. Try and prove myself wrong in other scenarios and I give in before I start, or take too long (sometimes years!) to get going.

My stupid wedding for example. 

What's the worst that could happen?

  • I don't have any bridesmaids
  • We can't find a date when everyone is in the frikkin country
  • Can't find a stupid bloody dress
  • We spend a disgusting amount of money
  • It's dead hot & I pass out 

Some of the worst things are already happening so we've pretty much stopped dead with any preparation.
Thing is though, it's tough cookies, because what's the other option? No wedding!

So now I've got my head around these 'worst case scenarios' which when you really look at it are not the doomsday type things I first imagined, I think we may just have a shot at figuring it out.

The worst that could happen is a win/win

To sum up, when you ask yourself what's the worst that could happen you really can't lose. This question can summon up that inner warrior of creativity and imagination you'll need. You can either dismiss the 'imagined' worst straight off the bat, or be in a situation where you get to figure out something you never thought you'd overcome.
random love letter 2016
I think now that I've written this little pep talk for you that I should take a bit of it on board myself BUT, I'd love you to ask yourself today........

What's the
worst that
could happen?

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