Sunday, 24 July 2016

Cats are cool! Some Etsy finds.

You know me too well. Yes, I am a crazy cat lady and yes, from time to time when I should be working on my shop, I just end up browsing for cat themed gifts and treats for myself.

So hey, here's a few I found this week. Enjoy!

Cat lady gifts

1. 'Cat Plush' by TheCoolGang
2. 'Cat Oil Burner' by ZenibasAttic
3. 'Personalised Pet Cat Portrait' by BoxRoomBazaar
4. 'Bean Cats' by EmSeeItch
5. 'Cat Bed Cave House' by LoveCatCaves
6. 'Jammie Dodger Cat' by thenosuchdisco
7. 'Lucky Cat' by Amuru

So there we go. Why not raz over and show them some love. There's enough cat goddyness there for every day of the week.