Thursday, 18 August 2016

OMG I discovered pink pasta, here's how to make it.

I'm on a sort of semi healthy eating, lose weight, get baby ready type of kick at the minute and also whilst I'm working from home, I'm getting quite into playing housewife and having the tea ready for my lovely fiance when he gets in from work.
So as it's super hot at the moment we've been having salads for the last few nights with cold pasta (I could eat this every day!) and I found some beetroot in the cupboard. When I was placing it on the plate, oh so decoratively, might I add and getting my fingers all purple, I had the random idea of putting a few drops of the juice into the pasta and seeing if it would dye that too.
Low and behold, my obsession with pink pasta was born. I later Googled it and this is a big thing.
So all you need is just your pasta (cook it first, like) and some pickled beetroot and you're good to go.
Once the pasta is cooked and cooled just add a couple of tablespoons of the juice from the jar and add to produce your desired effect. I like it when a bit of the pasta is still the original colour so I just add such a small amount and then swirl it round, but this is up to you. I've seen pictures of full on bright neon looking pasta out there.
Now it's time to eat!
I adore onions and we have a batch of red onions in at the moment so I threw almost a full one in, added a tiny bit of chilli salad dressing and some black pepper.

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