Wednesday, 14 September 2016

This stupid wedding, how I design my cards.

I'm often asked where my ideas come from, how I keep track, how do I go from start to finish and how do I decide which will finally become living and breathing products (well, you know what I mean).
illustrated wedding cards, funny wedding cards
Well, today I have a new card in the shop all about weddings so I can give a little run through of how it came about.
I'm a doodler and there's nothing I love more than drawing little pictures for my fella. They're all pretty childlike but it always makes him laugh and it's pretty relaxing for me, I can highly recommend having a good doodle from time to time! They say adult colouring books are the new thing, but nah, adult doodling is the way to go.
We're both a little squashed from the impending 'big day' so I drew this little masterpiece on a blank card and wrote him a little message inside telling him how cool he is etc.
I don't want my wedding day
He'd fallen asleep before me so I left it on the coffee table for him this morning. Job done, he loved it ☺ good times.
When I looked at it again this morning and re-read what I'd written inside I knew that quote, 'You're the only reason I want to go ahead with this stupid wedding' would really ring a bell with a lot of people. I realised the way I'd written it was pretty Americanised but I loved the sentiment behind it. So I tweaked that a bit.
When you're in a wedding storm your plans get away with you, like, a lot. But all it takes to get back on track is the thought of your intended. When you're both feeling the same way it's pretty ruddy cool so I know that people in our boat will totally get this, or resonate as our American friends would say!

from the bride card
And here's the finished article. I added some love heart strings and what I'm hoping looks a bit like confetti.
So why did I write Frank? Well, I started off using our names in my products a few years back but having Lisa & Pete splashed everywhere felt a bit odd, plus it gives a chance for someone to say 'hey! that's my name'.
As I had a zombie day yesterday, Fear The Walking Dead was fresh in my mind so Frank seemed pretty good.

Anyway, hope this little glimpse into my process was of interest and I'd love to know if you feel like this too.

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