Friday, 14 October 2016

Last night we got married, thank you Photoshop.

It's funny, isn't it, the way our minds process the world around us without us even thinking about it?
I remember in my Dead Island days (and nights), whenever I was out and about I'd sometimes default into zombie mode. Before I'd had a chance to think logically about a simple thing like razzing round to someone's house, my brain would be going through my weapons, health and what route was the safest. A person along the pavement would become a target and if there were any other cars on the road then this was seen as a major threat.

These days, I spend a lot of my time in Photoshop. So my unconscious mind is all about layers, spacing, colour options and cropping. It's actually pretty cool because not only do I see through my own eyes, but I can also see what I'd like as a final edit too.

Last night we had our rehearsal in the church. Just our priest and us. It was beautiful, the lighting was just how I'd imagined it when we first started thinking about things. The church was empty, how we wanted it originally, except for our witnesses and parents and the main focus was on us marrying each other in the eyes of God, again the only thing we wanted.

This morning I woke up and it's all crystal clear in my mind. I'm so happy we had the opportunity to 'run through our lines' so to speak. I now have a master layer which on the day next week I can just drop on top of everything else and bring myself back to that vision. I don't think we'll get much better than that, but I am willing to be pleasantly surprised!

So yeah, who knew that Photoshop would train my mind to do that?

Before I go, here's a picture of something that I've wanted to do since I saw this movie, but I'm not sure I'll get away with it and I'm afraid my well of 'let me explain why this is so important to me, so please don't take it away from me' has long run dry.

Well, have a great day & keep us in your prayers for next week ☺

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