Monday, 17 October 2016

Put your heart into it, how to keep the romance in your wedding day.

There's a lot of details in our wedding that I wanted to really make our own. As a hopeless romantic, things that are meaningful to us as a couple, things we could keep forever and things that would create a memory in our guests minds have been top of my list.

handmade felt wedding bouquet
Most of my vision fell away in the mix, but this week, the bits I managed to hold on to finally came to life.
One of the custom items that arrived made me full on cry like the excited bride to be I was at the start of this process.

Custom Ring bearer cushion

The cake toppers I took so long to find arrived and I did a little squeal of joy at the thought of them on top of the cake I chose. And I finally put the last few flowers on my handmade bouquet & buttonhole, this has been a real labour of love. Hundreds of petals lovingly dyed, hand cut, folded, glued and assembled into something I know I will be holding on to so tightly as I walk down that aisle trying not to laugh when I see my lovely fiance!

It's little details like this that help anchor you when you're in that big old wedding bubble. It's hard to articulate your timeline or vision to those around you when they're panicking about the things you're already on top of. That's actually the worst part of wedding planning, it's the reason you're awake at 3am stressing about being a horrible person because you said no to silver chair bows or you glazed over when the seating plan was mentioned.

gold band wedding rings

Our biggest secret was kept closest to our hearts so as not to cause widespread panic. But we only went out yesterday (3 days before the big day) to go out and choose our wedding rings. Yeah, that's a tad last minute but it was planned around our schedules and let's be honest, rings is rings, right?
I already have diamonds and rubies and we both just wanted plain bands so it was just a case of a quick hour or so to find a shop with the right sizes.

I think it's super important to have a few things your can pour your heart into that are part of your wedding day, and don't confuse that with those things you've put your soul into, they're generally the exhausting bits (plus it's usually being sucked out rather than poured in).
Something handmade, something you just saw and got excited about, something to keep forever.

I could go on a romance rant here, but I won't, because I've developed a bit of a thing about 'last time before', so I'm off to wash my hair for the last time before I'm a married woman! (My hairdresser told me to leave at least 2 days so it wasn't a frizz bomb, in case you're wondering).

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