Saturday, 11 March 2017

Happy Mother's Day from the cat.

It seems like a lot of posts I write at the moment seem to start with how quick time is going. So here's another one, I can't believe it's almost Cat Mum's Day again!

If you're wondering when Mother's Day 2017 is then here we go, this year it falls on Sunday the 26th of March and I thought I'd show you just a couple of items that are proving rather popular so far, if you're looking for ideas.

happy mother's day from the cat

First off we have the 'Best Cat Mum' mug. To be fair these are great all year round cat lady gifts but I certainly see a mad rush on them at this time of year. I love this mug, it holds a fair sized brew and is nice and chunky, just the right size for hot chocolate too!

cat related gifts for her

And here we have another all year round fave, the 'Best Cat Mum' cat Mother's Day card. This has been very popular again this year and it always makes me happy to know that I've been involved in giving the Mother of cats in so many people's lives a little burst of happiness!

So there we go, a few little options for you, of course there's plenty more in the shop.
Of course I couldn't resist showing off a little pic of my own two fur babies, Geoff and Una. I say babies, but they're actually older than me now in cat years.

Whatever you're up to this Mother's Day, I hope you get spoiled rotten and have a fantastic day.


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