Thursday, 9 March 2017

How to make a notepad. Cute cat printable.

printable stationery

Who knew that making your very own notepads would be so easy? I never seem to have anything 'of purpose' to hand when I'm looking to write something down really quick. So it either gets written onto my laptop, YES, I physically write on the laptop itself, only with pencil mind you, on my desk (same principal) or I'll waste a bit of printer paper.
I didn't really fancy buying one of those cube stacks and wanted to have something a bit more me so I put this little guy together.
You can get the download here or if you're a dab-hand then why not design your own.


So first off, you need to cut out the sheets. If you have a guillotine that's brilliant but scissors will do just as good a job.

diy notepad

I also cut a piece of blank card in the same size to act as a backing. If you don't have any blank card laying around then why not whisk yourself back to years gone by and get cutting up a cereal box.

National stationery week

Let's get sticking! Now, please don't be jealous of my PVA there, I know it's a heck of an impressive stash but my good old Dad is a retired joiner and he gave it to me after having a shed clear out around four years ago.
There's a few ways to hold the pad whilst drying but I went for some mini bulldog clips and just holding it in the sunshine.

diy notepad tutorial

I used a clip either side to keep all the pages and backer together and smoothed on a good layer of the PVA with a paintbrush (you could also just use a finger if you don't have any good brushes to hand).

cat stationery

Once you've got the first layer of glue on, depending on the type of paper and glue you're using it may warp a tiny bit but just keep pressing until it smooths and once the glue is tacky you can add the clips at the top until fully dry.
When the glue was dry I added another couple of coats of just to ensure all the pages stayed together, there's no need for the clips as this stage.

get car, go to Liz's

And there we have it, a super cute notepad to write my to do list and other very important things of the day!
I hope you've had fun making this notepad and don't forget if you don't have time to design your own you can purchase the template here.


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