Sunday, 12 March 2017

My first trimester.

I always thought pregnancy would be sunshine and roses, that I'd feel all womanly, I'd be glowing and feel like a goddess for the whole time. What a dickhead right?  Whilst I think I've been really lucky overall with my first pregnancy, I'm certainly a tad more prepared for next time. I'm pleased to say that now, I am feeling much more awake as each day passes. I swear I've been asleep for a fair whack of this pregnancy so far, but my afternoon snoozes are now getting shorter and I'm spending less time thinking about doing stuff and actually doing stuff.

Here's my recap of the first few months.

1st trimester blog

I think I've been really lucky with this little tot, he's given me hardly any trouble and stuff I was expecting to go through, I've not.
Particularly throwing up, I noticed pretty early on that for me (and I know this doesn't work for everyone) it was important to never ever EVER let my stomach be fully empty, this is the point at which I'd feel really sick, but if I ate a biscuit or something small I'd feel ok again. This led me to develop the habit of having ginger nuts, rich tea, custard creams or some other sort of biscuit with me at all times, a few occasions I've had to have a quick bite in Church on a Sunday morning!
Speaking of food, there were times when I simply could not get enough, my appetite was raging and no matter how much I ate, I just didn't feel satisfied. That's an odd feeling, you know that normally if you'd eaten that much you'd be in trouble, but I somehow developed hollow legs (managed to put on 12lbs so far though).

One big thing (well, two if we're counting!) are my boobs, funnily enough it was my boobs that first let me know I'm pregnant, actually, the milk ducts in my armpits were the never experienced before feeling saying hey, there's something going on here! But yeah, who knew that turning over in bed or drying off after a bath could make your eyes water with pain.

The blood. TMI, so look away now.
When I got pregnant I thought I probably wouldn't have to see any of my own blood again for a good while. I was wrong. I've had about 3 nosebleeds, something I don't usually suffer with so the first time was a bit of a shock! My teeth bleed from time to time, like, a lot. And I had a subchorionic haematoma at 11 weeks which really knocked the wind out of me.

subchorionic haematoma positive stories

This is the scan of the baby to check he was still in fact, ok, after the bleed. It was the first time we'd seen him, so amazing. I can't put into words how it feels to see your baby on the screen for the first time, he was moving around and punching his arms out as if to say 'look, I'm fine'.

That haematoma took 24 days to clear and it was a pretty dark time. The scariest/most helpless/woe is me/what did I do wrong month of my life. I knew that it was nothing I had or hadn't done, that all we could do was carry on and that it is pretty common but yeah, shit got real after that!
One of the hardest things for me about the first few months was the tiredness. It's a full all consuming mind, body and soul kinda exhaustion that is impossible to fight. I think I got touched with the blues around that time as I just wasn't into anything. I didn't update the shops or website or blog for a loooong time, I didn't want to see anyone and the flat looked like we'd been burgled for most of the time! It's a pretty weird one and I'm glad I'm out of it now, I almost feel embarrassed admitting it but I couldn't be bothered doing anything, then I'd feel bad about not doing anything, then I'd do even less. I'd beat myself up thinking how ungrateful I was as this is all I'd ever wanted and I was just being a big lazy PJ monster.

craving pringles pregnancy

Now, believe it or not, salt and vinegar Pringles have played an important part in my pregnancy. They are an instant mood lifter, a great meal alternative when your appetite just cannot abide anything else (no judgement, right?) and OMG, they taste like heaven! There's been a few times my husband has brought a tube home for me and I've burst into tears.
Which brings me nicely onto the last main player of the first trimester, the crying. I can pretty much cry at anything these days; seeing a happy dog, running out of chilled water or the announcement of the Alien Covenant release date. Unfortunately, a few weeks into T2 and I have realised this is probably going to go on for a good while.

So yeah, we're one third down! I'd love to hear your first time prego first trimester experiences, so let us know in the comments. ☺

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